Focus Group Discussion (FGD) 2019

FGD 2019 or Focus Group Discussion is the collaboration between the Monash University of Australia with SEACO Asia. On the 4 July 2019 until 9 July 2019, 27 students from Australia went to Segamat for discussion of  6 research topics. The strength of FGD relies on allowing the participants to agree or disagree with each other so that it provides an insight into how a group thinks about an issue, about the range of opinion and ideas. The students get an opportunity to experience fieldwork and talk to local people and learn the inconsistencies and variation that exists in a particular community in terms of beliefs and their practices.

This year was a fourth-year where the students from Monash University Australia came down to Segamat. The local community is invited to participate in a discussion group research projects lead by Dr. Narelle Warren and Dr.Bruce Missingham and almost 120 eligible participants took parts.

SEACO Asia team works together as a facilitator and translator with the students for 2 weeks and during the FGD, SEACO Asia teams get a chance to show the students about the  local people culture, attending the kenduri doa selamat for pilgrimage for those who perform Hajj,  and bring them to the  interesting places in Segamat such as Bekok waterfall.

This project opens up some valuable knowledge for the students, SEACO Asia team and the local community. We also had good feedback from the participants and they are very happy with FGD.