Meet and greet with SEACO Governing Board

7 August 2019, Wednesday – SEACO has received a visit from SEACO Governing Board Members; PVC Monash Malaysia; Prof.Andrew Walker, UNU-IIGH; Prof.Pascale Allotey, Prof.Mahendran Nair & Prof.Shah; from Monash Malaysia, Dr.Asiya Odugleh-Kolev from WHO and MOH representatives.

It was a meet and greet session between the SEACO team and community representatives. Prof.Vivian Lin was introduced as the upcoming chair after Prof.Tikki Pangestu. SEACO staff presented their projects and activities to the visitors.

“SEACO is the jewel in the crown of Monash University Malaysia’s research infrastructure,” Prof.Tikki Pang said in his speech. SEACO was also praised as being the first HDSS site awarded the ISO 9001:2008 certification.

The community leaders had an opportunity to share their thoughts and express their gratitudes to the SAG members and promised to continuously support SEACO activities.

“Research for a healthy community is what SEACO did since 2011 in Segamat,” claimed Tok Ishak, ‘Penghulu’ from Sungai Segamat. “We will always help SEACO on their research” he added.

Meet and greet with SEACO Governing Board