SEACO appreciates the Community Engagement Committee

11 April 2019, Thursday – Nearly 80 community leaders received the appreciation awards from SEACO for their hard work in bridging the gap to the community at the appreciation ceremony. SEACO’s Director, Prof.Daniel D.Reidpath said that the vision of SEACO is to conduct meaningful research for the health of the community, and later this year SEACO will celebrate its 8th anniversary of operations in Segamat. Our data collectors have visited more than 80,000 homes — that’s seven visits to the 14000 homes in SEACO and that includes health checks on nearly 50,000 people. If it wasn’t for our community leader, we couldn’t have gone this far. He said “You are all here because you are a part of our community engagement committees. You are a part of SEACO, and we could not succeed without you, “Kita sudah melakukan ini”. He continued to express gratitude for their involvement in SEACO, and further hope that all the CEC members take pride in the success of SEACO, because it is an achievement achieved through their support.

SEACO Appreciation Day