Data Collectors Achiever

12 March 2020, Thursday - Keep yourself motivated by motivating each other. Congratulations to the Data Collectors team. No matter rain or shine, you guys show your dedication & we so proud you. Here is the list for the top achiever in Feb 2020:

Data Collectors Achiever.jpg

Update Round 2020

1. Top data achiever: Nurfirazana Piraman

2. Data JTF: Nurfirazana Piraman

3. Data Quality: Nurfirazana Piraman

Data Achiever

1. Putri Balqis

2. Amirul Amin

3. Mohd Faiz Raszemi

4. Mohd Fais Rasip

For the rest, please keep up the good work because you guys are great too! Congrats everyone.