Happy Chinese New Year 2021

17 February 2021, Wednesday - Why Chinese people wear red during Chinese New Year? According to ancient stories, a monster called “Nian” (年 = year) who would come out on New Year’s Eve and devour villagers, crops and livestock. Villagers discovered that this beast was afraid of firelights, blasting sounds and the colour red. Every year before New Year’s Eve, the Chinese would wear red, paste red spring couplets on their doors, let off firecrackers and play the drums. All in Red! Today, we are organising the e-Chinese New Year celebration via ZOOM Platform (a new  norm!), that brings together with SEACO staff, SEACO Executives and our PhD students.

Wishes you Happy Chinese New Year! May the Year of Ox bring you Blessings of Prosperity and good health all year round.

Happy Chinese New Year 2021- SEACO in Red

Happy Chinese New Year 2021-CNY Poster