'SEACO Food Basket and Food Bank'

30 July 2021, Friday- The COVID19 pandemic plaguing the world community is an excellent blow to Malaysians. SEACO, which started in Segamat 10 years ago, is also feeling the pain of the community. As a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), SEACO works with the Penghulu in each 'mukim' (Mukim Sg. Segamat, Jabi, Gemereh, Chaah and Bekok) to provide food baskets and also 'Food Bank' to the community around these five areas.

The delivery of these food baskets is received and coordinated by the Penghulu. He will work with the Village Head to enable these essential food items and distribute to the locals.

Among the essential items provided by SEACO are rice, cooking oil, biscuits, canned sardines, sugar, salt, tea and wheat flour. We hope that with a bit of help, we can alleviate the burden of the people around these five 'mukims' currently hit by the COVID19 pandemic. We always pray for the community's well-being in Segamat in particular and in Malaysia in general.

SEACO Food Basket and Food Bank 1

SEACO Food Basket and Food Bank 2