SEACO 'Ihya Ramadan' Program with Segamat District Health Office (PKD)

27 April 2021, Tuesday - Segamat District Health Office (PKD) is the main backbone of SEACO. Despite the success of SEACO in planning a research project, PKD Segamat helped a lot to facilitate the affairs of SEACO.

In conjunction with the blessed month of Ramadan, our representatives, Dr. Mohd Azrizan (SEACO Manager) and Encik Muhammad Rafi (SEACO Project Leader), have spent some time courting Dr. Zaid (District Health Officer) and Dr. Ahmad Neezal (Public Health Specialist). As a result, they have discussed the SEACO research projects and current issues related to COVID19 and vaccination.

On this occasion, SEACO has been introduced to Dr. Yeong, Public Health Specialist, who has just reported to PKD Segamat.

SEACO also presented a contribution in the form of a hamper to PKD Segamat received by Dr Zaid, who represented PKD. SEACO was also informed about the condition of Dr. Ahmad Neezal's wife. Ahmad Neezal is also the co-chairman of the SEACO Committee Member. On this occasion, SEACO also presented a small contribution to Dr. Ahmad Neezal to encourage him cheerfully.

We all SEACO staff always pray for his wife's speedy recovery and that she has the strength to face the days to come. InsyaAllah.

Take care and have a good fast!

Ihya Ramadan Program with Segamat District Health Office (PKD)_2Ihya Ramadan Program with Segamat District Health Office (PKD)_1