SEACO's 'Ihya Ramadan' program with the community in Mukim Gemereh

24 April 2021, Saturday - SEACO's 'Ihya Ramadan' program continues for the second week and this time in Mukim Gemereh.

The local community that was the respondents in the study conducted by SEACO received a small donation of dates from SEACO representatives namely Mr. Muhammad Rafi (SEACO Project Leader), Ms. Sharifah Anis (SEACO Human Resources Executive) and Mr. Muhammad Fais Rasip (Senior Data Collector). We have received overwhelming responses from the community looking forward to the presence of SEACO since the COVID19 pandemic began. We hope that such a program can further strengthen the relationship between SEACO and the community over the past ten years.

Take care and have a good fast!

Ihya Ramadan program with the community in Mukim Gemereh