Our research

Innovating Technology to Benefit Society

The world  we live in today has been transformed by the rapid adoption of technology, it has impacted every aspect of our lives, from our homes, to our schools, industry, key infrastructure and social spaces, enhancing how we live, learn, work and play. 

We are committed to innovating theoretical and applied research to meet the technology challenges of the 21st Century.  The school's research themes are aligned to the following areas.

Intelligent Systems

Carries out research into machine learning, image processing, natural language processing with applications in intelligent healthcare, assistive technology and cognitive robotics.

Wireless and Mobile Computing

Driven by the internet of things including mobile applications, device connectivity, information sharing, network security and context aware systems.

Data Science

Data is everywhere and the amount we produce and consume grows day, by day, here we work on making sense of these big datasets, involving data analytics, mining and visualisation across a range of domains.

Software Engineering

Systems are driven by complex frameworks of software, robust methods for software engineering including agile and formal methods, cloud correctness and test automation are essential for reliable and an intelligently maintained infrastructure.

Education Technology

Developing frameworks for better teachings and better learning outcomes through the seamless integration and adoption of technology, including blended learning and interactive tools.

Postgraduate by Research Scholarships

We are actively recruiting outstanding individuals to join the groups PhD program, we are recruiting into the above project themes.

The School of Information Technology has a number of Monash University Malaysia scholarships available for 2017.

Tuition Fee Waiver + Stipend

These scholarships cover Cost of Living Allowances (stipend) and Tuition Fee Waiver to outstanding and deserving candidates.

There will be 3 scholarship application rounds for 2017. The application closing dates for each round are listed below:

ROUND 1/2017 07 December 2016

ROUND 2/2017 05 April 2017

ROUND 3/2017 02 August 2017

Applicants are advised to initiate application process for course at least 6 weeks before the deadline.

Monash University Malaysia Postgraduate Research (Higher Degree by Research) Scholarship

Please pay special attention to the application process here.

Tuition Fee Waiver Only

The school has a number of Tuition Fee Waiver only scholarships for candidates who meet our entry criteria and have external backing from government, industry or are self-sponsored.

Tuition fee waiver scholarships are open all year round and maybe applied to at anytime during the year.

Contact Us

You may wish to informally contact members of staff to discuss potential research projects and ideas. Please use the research group information and scholarship information provided above as a guide to contacting staff members best aligned with your interests.

For further information please contact:

A/Prof Dr. Wong Kok Sheik
Associate Head of School (Research)
School of Information Technology
Monash University Malaysia
Jalan Lagoon Selatan,
47500 Bandar Sunway
Selangor Darul Ehsan,
Email: wong.koksheik@monash.edu