Postgraduate Opportunities

The following titles are available as either a MPhil or PhD topic. Please contact to the academic staff for detailed information.

For information about scholarship, please refer to SIT Monash Graduate Research Merit Scholarship

Academic staffTentative TitleField of ResearchEligible NationalsCGPA/Academic Requirements
Dr. Lim Chern HongExplainable AI in Lung Cancer DiagnosisAI in MedicalMalaysian onlyMore than 3.00
Dr. Ong Huey FangEvidence-based mining for cancer preventionAI, Data miningAll (International)More than 3.00
Prof. Ir. Dr. Raphael PhanAI & Deep Learning Against Fake NewsAI/Machine Learning/Deep LearningAll (International)Passionate students
Jin ZheNot Afraid of the Dark: Cross-spectrum Face RecognitionAI/Machine Learning/Deep LearningAll (International)Passionate students
Wee Mee ChinEmotion detection and its application in students' learningAI/Machine Learning/Deep LearningAll (International)H2AE and above
Prof. Ir. Dr. Raphael PhanAI & Deep Learning for Cybersecurity AI/Machine Learning/Pattern Recognition and CybersecurityAll (International)Passionate students
Dr. Tan Chee KeongOptimized Energy Management for Smart ManufacturingArtificial IntelligenceAll (International)More than 3.70
Dr. Anuja DharmaratneBehaviour Analysis in Videos for Autism DetectionArtificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Computer VisionAll (International)More than 3.70
Dr. Tan Chee KeongMachine Learning for Beyond 5G NetworksArtificial Intelligence, NetworkingAll (International)More than 3.70
Dr. Tan Chee Keong5G Indoor Positioning System Using Machine LearningArtificial Intelligence, NetworkingAll (International)More than 3.70
Lillian Wang Yee KiawAdaptive Learning to Improve Learning Efficiency using AI TechniquesArtificial Intelligent, EducationMalaysian onlyMore than 3.00
Dr. Lim Wern Han (Ian)Estimation of Information Quality of User-Generated Content Data Science, Information Retrieval, Knowledge ManagementAll (International)More than 3.00
Nailah, Chong^^Modeling and simulation tool for a Digital Health work system design (WSD) methodologyDigital health, Software Engineering, AIAll (International)More than 3.70 and passionate students
Dr. Ian TanPalm Kernel Ripeness Classification Using Spikiness and Empty Socket FeaturesImage Processing and ClassificationAll (International)More than 3.00
Lillian Wang Yee KiawIoT Based Smart Attendance Control SystemInternet of Things, Artificial IntelligenceMalaysian onlyMore than 3.00
Dr. Ganesh KrishnasamySemi-supervised Multi-view Low Rank Representation Subspace ClusteringMachine Learning, OptimizationAll (International)More than 3.00
A/Prof. Wong Kok SheikData Hiding and Its Application in Video ContainerMultimedia Signal ProcessingAll (International)H2AE and above
Wong Kok SheikData hiding and its application in PDF fileMultimedia Signal ProcessingAll (International)H2AE and above
Dr. Ian TanEfficient Dynamic Threshold Setting for Load BalancingOperating SystemsAll (International)More than 3.00
Dr. Chong Chun Yong^^A Big Data Analytics Approach for Identifying Reuse-Proneness of Object-Oriented Classes in Source Code Management SystemsSoftware Engineering; Software Reuse; Mining Software RepositoriesMalaysian onlyMore than 3.00
Dr. Soon Lay KiQuestion-Answer Pair ExtractionText Mining, Natural Language ProcessingAll (International)More than 3.00

^^Stipend paid from a research grant