You are now part of the Monash family! Uni life can seem complicated at first, so this site will help make it a little easier to navigate your first semester at Monash Malaysia. It guides you through everything you need to do to get yourself comfortable, right up until Week 4 of your first semester. Just start scrolling to browse topics and click on the blocks to discover the important (and fun!) bits to get settled in quickly.

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Orientation activities

Orientation activities

Welcome to Monash University Orientation! This is your head-start to university, giving you the chance to make the special connections you need for a smooth transition into your course.

Our orientation week will commence on 18 July 2022. You can still make new friends, get to know your campus and your faculty, sign up to a student association, join a club, and more! Find out more from the Orientation Webpage.

In the meantime, here are some tips on how you can prepare for life at Monash:

  • Join the aMigo Malaysia group to connect with other new students and gain handy transition advice

Have you got your network account and your M-Pass? Refer to step 1 and 2 if you haven't.

Step 1: Get your Network Account

The Monash Network account is different from the Monash IT account that you have created before coming to orientation. This network account lets you access the computer lab PCs, WiFi and printing services at the University. You will gain access to your student home drive, and school drive to store your personal files with this Network Account. Click here to find out more information about your Monash Network account.

On CampusOff Campus

Step 1.1

Visit our ITS Computer Labs located at Building 9, Level 4 and 5 to access the computer for account activation. Or you can use any on-campus device that is connected to the Monash network.

Step 1.2

Press Ctrl > Alt > Del to login computer and enter your username and default password.

Use the following details to login for the first time:

Username : abcd0001

[Email prefix is your username - abcd0001@student.monash.edu]

Password  : monash2022

[default password]

Step 1.3

For first time login to the computer, you will be prompted to change your password

You may activate a network account from home.

Go to https://mumsspr.monash.edu.my/ to change the password.

Use the following details to login for the first time:

Username : student\abcd0001

[Email prefix is your username - abcd0001@student.monash.edu]

Password  : monash2022

[default password]

Having problem with the activation?

Contact our ITS Service Desk at +60 3 5514 6200 or drop an email to servicedesk.my@monash.edu for assistance.

Step 2: Collect your M-Pass

Now that you have enrolled, you can apply for your student ID card (M-Pass). Login here with your Monash IT Account to apply for your M-Pass. (Please ensure you also log out of all your personal email accounts to access the M-Pass application form).

Your M-Pass will be posted out to you. You will be notified by email once it has been posted.

Using your student ID card

Your student ID card is called an M-Pass. You can use it to:

  • add credit to pay for printing and copying
  • borrow books and resources from the library
  • access secure venue
  • identify yourself on campus and at exams.

For more details, see student ID cards or email to mum.studentadmin@monash.edu