Teaching and learning activities

Teaching and Learning Activities

For MBBS course

  • Gross anatomy, histology, embryology and neuroanatomy (lectures and practicals)
  • Pathology (practicals)
  • Microbiology (practicals)

For Pharmacy course

  • Gross anatomy and histology (practicals)

For Biomedical Science course

  • Gross anatomy and histology (practicals)
  • Pathology (practicals)   
  • Pharmacology

Evaluations and Feedback

  • Practical Assessments
    – Objective Structured Clinical Anatomy Review (OSCAR): A novel formative assessment relevant to clinical anatomy and histology/pathology.
    – Objective Structured Practical Examination (OSPE)
  • Automated feedback during practicals using Audience Response System (clickers).
  • Peer and tutor verbal feedback during practicals.
  • Unit evaluations and practical evaluations.