Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy (AAS)

Agilent 240 Duo AAS System

AAS is generally used to determine and identify the presence of chemical elements and substances. The AAS Duo system (image above) is a combination of 2 Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy. The Agilent 240FS/240Z AA Duo system offers simultaneous flame and furnace operation which reduces cost per analysis and saves time.

Agilent 240FS AA

The Flame System AAS which is used to detect the following:-

Agilent 240ZZ AA

The Graphite Furnace spectroscopy with Zeeman background correction is used to detect the following:-


Vapor Generation Accessory (VGA 77)

– a continuous flow vapor generation system for the determination of mercury (Hg) and hydride forming elements (arsenic and selenium) at part per billion levels (ppb).

Graphite Tube Atomizer GTA 120 GFAA

– enhances superior furnace performance in analyzing difficult samples.

SPS 3 Autosampler

– has productivity-boosting features that speed up the analysis process.