Monash Malaysia Medical Education Conference (MMMEC) 2022

Date: 25th June 2022 (Saturday)
Time: 9am-5pm
Venue: Zoom (Virtual conference)

*8 CPD points will be awarded*

Program Overview

Along with emerging technologies, medical education is rapidly changing to keep up with the dynamic healthcare environment and the heterogeneity of pedagogical techniques. The COVID-19 pandemic has galvanised many medical educational institutions to suspend traditional teaching and adopt virtual learning. With this shift to digitalization, it is essential that the medical graduates in this new era are equipped with the necessary tools of trade.

The one-day virtual conference will be held on the Zoom platform and delivered through a mix of plenary, symposiums and interactive workshops. This conference targets work readiness amongst medical students and explores trends in medical education in the age of technology with focus on teaching, learning and assessment.


Themes of conference

  1. Teaching, learning and assessment in the digital world
  2. Work readiness in the digital era
  3. Innovations in medical education


  1. To introduce online skills for academics in the field of teaching, learning and assessment.
  2. To share experiences in enhancing work readiness and professionalism online
  3. To explore future opportunities for innovations in teaching, learning and assessment in the digital world

Target Audience

Academics; clinicians; professional staff in healthcare settings; researchers in the field of medical education; students.

Registration Fee*

 Local  participantsInternational participantsStudents**
By 31st May
(GMT +8:00)
RM 100USD 30RM 30
From 1st June
(GMT +8:00)
RM 150USD 40

*Registration fees will be waived for staff and students from Monash University Malaysia.

**Please provide verification documents on your status

Payment Methods

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