Infectious diseases and health


The goal of this thematic group is to provide a platform for microbiologists, immunologists, epidemiologists, pathologists, biochemists, geneticists, clinicians and social scientists to undertake research on pathogens, their hosts and the impacts of environment and society. We conduct fundamental and translational research that is relevant and of priority in the country and the region and promote collaborative research with other centres of excellence nationally, regionally and internationally.

Key Instrumentation

Anti-Viral Screening Laboratory

Extensive screening of herbal medicines, purified natural and synthetic products is required in proving their ability in inhibiting viruses and thus they provide a rich resource for novel antiviral drug discovery and development. Identification of the antiviral mechanisms from these natural and synthetic agents will shed light on their inhibitory mechanisms at various stages of the viral life cycle, such as viral entry, replication, assembly, and release, as well as on the targeting of virus–host-specific interactions. Unfortunately, Malaysia lacks a central Institute that can help the industry and drug developers for initially testing or screening the efficacy of their products or compounds against viruses, so as only potential efficacious compounds can to be taken further into advanced research for drug development.


Virology lab services

We can provide a platform  (expertise and facilities) for the initial screening of prepared compounds, extracts or purified, against a myriad of viruses.  Currently start-off work  include inhibitory assays against DENV1, 2, 3 and 4, CHIKV, H1N1 and H5N1 viruses (BSL3 facility).


Microbiology, immunology, epidemiology, pathology, biochemistry, genetics, clinical medicine and applied health social science

In-vitro assays

Virologist and molecular virologist: Associate Professor Sharifah Binti Syed Hassan
Molecular modeling and docking: Dr Nafees Ahemad Mohammed Yunus
Post-docs and research assistants: Well- versed with virological methods and antiviral  drug screening assays

In-vivo assays

Experimental Pharmacologist: Dr Mohd Farooq Shaikh
Clinical microbiologist: Dr Amreeta Dhanoa
Clinical Pathologist/histopathologist: Associate Professor Khoo Joon Joon

Working with Us

Through collaborations and charged services. Can use our viruses or bring your own viruse
Contact: Associate Professor Sharifah Binti Syed Hassan

Specialist Services

  • Perform various in-vitro assays to screen inhibitory properties of compounds: Some of the basic assays include the cytotoxicity assay, CPE inhibition assay, virus yield reduction assay, mechanism assays such as attachment, penetration and time of addition assay, using such tests as PRNT/FFA/SNT, fluorescent assays and qPCR.
  • For advance screening, can help express and purify proteins for use in molecular and ELISA competitive binding assays.
  • Provide predictions of binding sites using molecular modeling before further in-vitro testing in wet labs.
  • Provide expert advice in the synthesis and development of synthetic analogues for anti-viral testing.
  • In-vivo assays can also be conducted: depends on the viruses and animal models available. Models include BALB/c mice, transgenic mice (need to purchase as required), hamsters, and special mouse strains. Various virus assays, clinical parameters and histopathological work can be performed.