General Studies - Jeffrey Cheah School of Medicine and Health Sciences

What is General Studies?

Students enrolled in Monash Malaysia, are required to successfully enrol in and complete some of the General Studies, as required by the Ministry. The General Studies units can expand students' knowledge and experience of Malaysia as well as to engage with issues relevant to Malaysia.

Before you graduate, Malaysian and International students will have to complete the U1 units. In addition to the U1 units, Bachelor Degree students must also complete one U2, one U3, and one U4 unit. At Monash University Malaysia, units within our various degrees have been recognized by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) as meeting the U2, U3, and U4 General Studies requirements. This can ensure students complete their course in a timely manner and meet the General Studies unit requirements.

What are the units?

The list of U1 units are available in the Malaysia Immersion Hub General Studies website

Here are U2, U3, U4 units offered by Jeffrey Cheah School of Medicine and Health Sciences:


Students can enrol in U2, U3, U4 units from other schools. Please check with the preferred School's Education Management Office for the full list of units offered.


Students are encouraged to enrol and complete the GS U1 units in the Year 1 of their course. Log into your Web Enrolment System (WES) account, and choose General Studies course (9410) and choose your unit(s) from the list of available teaching periods.

The GS U2, U3, and U4 units are incorporated in the Bachelor of Medical Science and Doctor of Medicine (MD), Bachelor of Psychological Science, and Bachelor of Psychological Science and Business course structure.