BRIMS Technical Workshop Series 2019

*Registration extended until 18 Sept 2019

Venue: BRIMS, Level 3, Building 3, Monash University Malaysia
Date: 8–11 Oct 2019 & 14–16 Oct 2019
Time: 9am–5pm
Main Organiser: Professor Ishwar Parhar, BRIMS Director and Head of Neuroscience

Who should attend

Academic members, research assistants, technical officers, postgraduate students, young scientists


Three (3) intensive modules comprising of lectures and practical sessions conducted by a team of dynamic and accomplished scientists.

  • Module 1: In vivo Monitoring of Brain Cancer: Xenografting & Bio-Luminescence Imaging
  • Duration: 2 days
    Registration Closing Date: 18 Sept 2019
    Main Facilitator: A/Prof Tomoko Soga

    Main content:
    – Animal Handling & Care
    – Xenografting, including intracerebroventricular injection using stereotaxic instrument
    – Behaviour Study (Open Field Test, Elevated Plus Maze & Forced Swimming Test)
    – Bio-luminescence Imaging lecture by Perkin Elmer

  • Module 2: iPS & Zebrafish – CRISPR/Cas9
    Duration: 2 days
    Registration Closing Date: 18 Sept 2019
    Main Facilitator: Dr Satoshi Ogawa

    Main content:
    – CRISPR/Cas9 techniques  in vivo and in vitro model
    – Identify and design optimal CRISPR/Cas9 targets and guide RNA sequencing
    – Transfection /microinjection
    – Analysis of genome editing outcomes by sequencing 
    – Generation of gene knockouts, and validation of knockouts in vivo and in vitro
  • Note: Special technical lectures session will be scheduled on the 8th Oct 2019 for all modules.

    Disclaimer: The organiser reserves the right to reschedule or cancel any part of its published program or venue due to unforeseen circumstances, and will not accept liability for costs incurred by participants or their organisation as a result. Advance notice will be given if there is such a change or cancellation.

  • Module 3: Automated Molecular Biology: Advanced Tool For Molecular Characterisation
    Duration: 2 days 
    Registration Closing Date: 18 Sept 2019
    Main Facilitator: Dr Muhamad Noor Alfarizal 

    Main content:
    – RNAscope®: Biomarker Analysis by RNA IN SITU Hybridization
    – ELLA: Your Next-Generation ELISA
    – JESS: Simplify your Westerns with JESS
    – MILO: Single-Cell Westerns: meet MILO™
    – BD FACSLYRIC Flow Cytometry: Advancing Life Sciences Research

Registration Fee*

Per Module:
– RM 1,200 per person  
– RM 900 per student
For Monash community, please contact the email below for special Monash rate.

*Fees include certificate, course materials and refreshments

Early bird registration by 1 July 2019.

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