BRIMS forms collaborative ties with NARA Medical University, Japan

The Brain Research Institute Monash University Sunway (BRIMS) at the Jeffrey Cheah School of Medicine and Health Sciences, Monash University Malaysia has recently signed an agreement with Nara Medical University, Japan for a research scholar exchange initiative on 21 November 2016. 

Professor Ishwar S. Parhar, the Director of BRIMS remarked that with this agreement, both institutions agree to accept students under the Research Scholar Program to support the following academic exchange and research collaborations:
(1)    Exchange of academic and  technical staff and medical students
(2)    Collaborative research
(3)    Exchange of academic publications and research materials

The collaboration has identified several common research interests between the two institutions in the areas of neuroendocrinology and neurodegenerative diseases. As part of the on-going collaboration, Prof. Nishi (Head of Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology, Nara Medical University, Japan)  delivered neuroscience lectures at the third Advanced International Brain Research Organization (IBRO) School organized by BRIMS on 21 November 2016. Besides that, Prof. Nishi and her MBBS student also joined the BRIMS technical workshop on “Animal Care and Behavioral Study” held from 21 to 23 November 2016 to share with the participants research experience related to behavioral neuroscience.

(From right to left) Professor Shajahan Yasin (Head of JCSMSH), Professor Mayumi Nishi (Nara Medical University, Japan), Professor  Ishwar S. Parhar
(Director of BRIMS) and Associate Professor Tomoko Soga (Coordinator
of the project, BRIMS) at the signing ceremony of the JCSMHS Research
Scholar Program.

Participants and facilitators of BRIMS Technical Workshop on  “Animal Care and

Behavioral Study”.