CSJB’s Associate Professor of Pathology awarded Network Funding

Associate Professor Khoo Joon Joon from Clinical School, Johor Bahru (CSJB) is the proud recipient of the Network Funding by the Monash Education Academy (MEA) to support teaching and promotional output opportunities.  The Academy helps academic staff to achieve and enhance their teaching capabilities via many mechanisms of support given. One of its initiatives is funding small group of educators who share a similar interest to improve learning and teaching so that they can collaborate to develop and deliver innovative methods of learning and teaching.

Dr Khoo is a clinical pathologist by training with a special research interest in colo-rectal carcinoma and renal pathology. Since joining Monash University Malaysia in 2006, she has constantly contributed to the undergraduate curriculum and been closely involved in reviewing and improving the different modes of teaching Pathology to the clinical students. She has also introduced a multifaceted approach to teaching Pathology for which she was awarded the PVC award for excellence in teaching (2009).  

Dr Khoo has also formed a special interest group named "Stimulating Excellence in Pathology Education Network of Teachers" (in short “SPENT”) to promote pathology education in CSJB. The group consists of CSJB academicians with different specialities, namely Associate Professor Khoo Joon Joon herself, Associate Professor Subathra Sabaratnam who is also a pathologist, Associate Professor Suneet Sood who is a clinical surgeon and Associate Professor Toh Keng Kiat who is a clinical haematologist.

Pathology is the study of diseases. In order to motivate learning and promote ways to enhance teaching of this very important subject, the group members discuss initiatives and strategies in teaching and learning that can be used to assist students in application of their knowledge in the hospital. They also plan educational activities related to improving the basic core knowledge of Pathology amongst Jeffrey Cheah School of Medicine and Health Sciences medical students, such as the upcoming annual Pathology Week with the theme "Pathology – prevention, diagnosis and treatment". The event will feature pathology exhibition booths, quiz, laboratory visits and pathology parody contest. The student participants are encouraged to learn Pathology and apply the knowledge in an interactive and creative environment.

The SPENT network group in discussion. From left to right: Dr Subathra Sabaratnam, Dr Toh Keng Kiat,
Dr Khoo Joon Joon and Dr Suneet Sood.