BRIMS Technical Workshop Series 2016

The BRIMS Technical Workshop Series which was held from 21st September to 23rd November 2016 consisted of five intensive technical modules. Each module was stand alone and encompassed lectures addressing key principles as well as practical sessions, enabling participants to gain hands-on experience to perform these techniques. The modules were based on highly proven application of testing methodology which was conducted by a team of dynamic and accomplished scientists. A total of 17 participants from local universities and industries attended this year's workshop. Five Malaysian companies and six invited speakers from Singapore, Japan and India supported this workshop series. In addition, the BRIMS Bio-imaging platform also conducted a special workshop using the multiphoton microscopy with Hi Tech Sdn Bhd.

MODULE A: Genome Editing and Detection (21st-23rd September)
Facilitator: Dr. Shogo Moriya
* Transfection of plasmid
* RNA isolation
* Real Time PCR

MODULE B: Animal Care and Behavioral Study (21st-23rd November)
Facilitator: A/Prof Tomoko Soga
* Animal handling and care
* Behavioural analysis
* Data analysis

MODULE C: Quantification of Neurochemicals by Enzyme Immunoassay
(5th-7th October)
Facilitator: Dr. Takayoshi Ubuka
* Extraction of neurochemicals
* Quantification of neurochemicals by EIA
* Data analysis

MODULE D: Histology and Confocal Imaging (12th-14th October)
Facilitator: Dr. Satoshi Ogawa
* In situ hybridization
* Immunofluorescence
* Confocal microscope

MODULE E: Multiphoton Microscopy and Live Cell Imaging (9th-11th November)
Facilitator: Dr. Satoshi Ogawa
* Multiphoton microscope
* Deep tissue imaging
* Fast imaging