Best Poster Presentation at IMEC

7 May 2018

Dr Amreeta Dhanoa was awarded the Best Poster Presentation at the 13th International Medical Education Conference (IMEC-2018) held on the 14-15th April, 2018.

The title of her poster was ‘Using Kahoot! To Enhance Teaching and Learning in Microbiology’. Her study was designed to investigate the effectiveness of case-based discussion and Kahoot! in teaching tuberculosis to Year 2 medical students.

“Reflecting my journey as an educator, I have learnt that it is important to find a balance between didactic approaches to teaching and creating pedagogical approaches that accommodate the needs of our students,” she said.

In an attempt to optimise learning, Dr Amreeta has developed various teaching methods that foster interactive classroom dynamics using various student response systems (SRSs).

“Gamified SRSs like Kahoot! are gaining popularity as teaching tools, given the availability of mobile devices and accessibility to Wi-Fi. Moreover, these educational tools appeal to our Gen Z  students who are digital natives,” she stated.

She developed various clinical vignettes covering different aspects of tuberculosis, incorporating Kahoot! as the SRS to enhance students’ engagement.

Pre-class, the students watched a 9- minute osmosis video on tuberculosis, providing them with a similar baseline knowledge for case-based discussion.

Overall, case-based discussion with Kahoot! provided a highly positive and enjoyable learning experience, allowing students to participate and contribute to their learning process.

The students’ feedback conveyed their receptiveness and satisfaction towards this teaching method.

Kahoot! provided an excellent learning platform to assess students’ understanding of the subject matter, and to support the construction of new knowledge through further explanation.

This educational innovation was simple yet practical and relevant, and used easily accessible digital technology that can be incorporated into daily teaching practices.

“Frankly speaking, I was pleasantly surprised and honoured for this prestigious award considering there were many other outstanding poster presentations, both locally as well as internationally. Well, they say ‘enthusiasm is contagious’, and I articulated my research findings with passion and confidence as teaching is something close to my heart,” she expressed.