JCSMHS PhD student wins Best Scientific Poster Award

23 November 2018

Yap Yiing Jye, a PhD student from Jeffrey Cheah School of Medicine and Health Sciences (JCSMHS) won the Best Scientific Poster Award under the category of Cell and Molecular Biology at the 5th Monash Science Symposium (MSS), Monash University Malaysia.

Her poster entitled ‘A Novel ATP13A2 Loss-of-function Mutation Model for Parkinson’s disease’ was presented based on her PhD project supervised by Dr Ng Khuen Yen and Professor Iekhsan Othman. The primary objective of her poster presentation was to develop ATP13A2 loss-of-function model that mimics the genetic mutation in PARK9 familial Parkinson’s Disease. This model would be helpful in understanding the biological and molecular mechanisms underlying this disorder.