Prof Khalid Kadir receives National Long Service Award 2019

Professor Dato’ Dr Khalid Abdul Kadir has been awarded the National Long Service Award (30 years and above in Teaching Profession) by the Private Education Co-Operative of Malaysia (EDUCOOP) on 25 May 2019, in conjunction with the national Teachers’ Day Celebration at Dewan Bahasa Dan Pustaka Kuala Lumpur.

Professor Khalid’s aspiration to teach started since he was a medical student in order to improve himself through teaching.

“I find that if I cannot tell people about what I know more than what was taught to me then I'm not learning anything new and I've not been able to understand what was taught to me,” Professor Khalid shared.

His zeal to teach in his early days also earned him a pewter mug from his Australian colleagues that said 'To Coach Khalid, thank you for teaching us’.

Sharing his teaching approach, Professor Khalid encourages his students to think outside the box by having a simple rule of five.

“You got five fingers. Not four. Not three. So if you see someone, who has, say, shortness of breath? You have to think about the five things that can cause shortness of breath and look for which of the five things,” he revealed.

Contributing his life to education for more than 30 years, Professor Khalid finds teaching rewarding as he enjoys and learns through the stimulating discussion with bright young minds.

He also believes both teaching and research are crucial to improve medical practices and technologies, on top of being a clinician.

“To get to new technology, we must conduct research. And teach. Teach each other,” he expressed.

Professor Dato’ Dr Khalid Abdul Kadir is Professor of Medicine at Jeffrey Cheah School of Medicine and Health Sciences, and a recipient of many awards including Asia Pacific Clinical Nutrition Society Award 1997, Merdeka Award 2008, Malaysian Medical Association (MMA) Gold Medal and Lifetime Achievement Award 2018 by the Council of the College of Physicians, Academy of Medicine of Malaysia.