Wireless Network

Monash University Malaysia provides wireless Internet service for students,staff, and registered guests of the university and these connections requires authentication.

To connect to the wireless network (WIFI) on campus you will need to select the Secure Wireless Network named 'Monash-Malaysia' on your device and use network account to connect when prompted by the Captive Portal.

As an added advantage of this system,users will no longer be required to re-authenticate or re-login when they move between buildings unless the usage hours has exceeded more than 7 days.

If you have questions or difficulty connecting to the wireless network, please visit the IT Service Desk located at Building 9 Level 3 or call 46200 or send an email to servicedesk.my@monash.edu.

Note: MacBook users with hardware that is manufactured before the year 2018 may face limited connectivity in certain areas across campus due to the hardware limitation imposed by manufacturer themselves.