Printing Services


The managed print services for staff consolidates and manages the needs of printing, copying, scanning and faxing in a single Multi-Functional Device (MFD). The managed print services have a secure document release which supports user mobility, protect personal information and confidentiality. The staff has to use their own employee id card to be able to list documents sent to MFD and select to print.

The service is both reactive and proactive to ensure all MFD are available and optimized.

  • Remote status monitoring by the onsite Docucare team.
  • Automatic notification to Docucare upon consumable replenishment requirement.
  • Extended support available on next business day on the complex issue.

All our printers and MFD’s offer duplex printing – printing on both sides of the page. While this saves paper, you will still be charged the normal rate for printing (ie. RM 0.20 for double sided with black and white).

Printing credit

Each staff is allocated with a certain printing credit limit as pre-fixed by the schools/units. This amount will be re-allocated once in a year.

In the event that the printing credit has exhausted, additional printing credit can be requested by submitting the IT Services Requisition (ITR).

How to check your print credit balance

1. Login to your PC / laptop using your own network account and password.
2. Go to Desktop and look for “Printing Credit Balance Monitor”

3. Double click to check the balance.
4. You should see your balance.

5. Click Close to exit.