Network Account


Your Network account enables you to access the desktop computer and other resources which are protected by a password including:

  1. Home Drive (with 2GB data storage on local server) & Shared network drive
  2. Webdrive : WebDrive is a web-accessible file storage system and is accessible either when you are on-campus or off-campus. The web address is
  3. Wireless internet on campus : SSID Monash-Malaysia
  4. Student intranet
  5. Printing services
Campus lab computer login Office computer login
Monash Malaysia VPN Monash Malaysia VPN
Webdrive Webdrive
Campus printer Campus printer
EPF Withdrawal Staff Intranet

The account is used to access desktop computers at the location below:

  1. ITS central teaching lab Cluster 1 (Building 9 Level 4 and Building 9 Level 5)
  2. ITS central teaching lab Cluster 2 (Building 6 Level 6)
  3. ITS service desk Building 9 level 3
  4. Library and Learning Commons Building 7 Level 1 and 3
  5. School labs

Getting your Network Account

Network account will be created after you have accepted the offer and complete the Monash Account Registration Service to start your learning in the coming semester. If you have not completed the Monash Account Registration Service, go to this link

To start using the account, log in to the desktop computer using the same username used for Monash IT account and use the default password provided in the Offer Guide. You will be prompted to change your password immediately. Please complete the password change before you start using the desktop computer.

Password Policy

Password must contain as below:

  1. Minimum Password Length: 6 characters
  2. Maximum Password History: 180 days
  3. Password History: 3 passwords remembered - determines the number of unique new passwords that must be associated with a user account before an old password can be reused.

Change password

In campus you may change your password by using Monash computer which connected to campus LAN by following the steps given below:

Step 1: Log into the computer using your existing network account.

Step 2: Hit Ctrl+Alt+Del

Step 3: A dialog box will appear with the option "Change Password"

Step 4: Click on that option.

Step 5: Follow the instructions and you've successfully changed your password.

Alternatively you may also change your network password at