Printing Guides and How-To's


Before using the printing services for the first time, user is required to register his/her card at the MFDs printer.

To read more about printing registration, click here.

Mobile Printing

Web Print

Web Print is an online application that allows users to send print jobs to MFD from a web interface. This interface is accessible only within the campus.

Web Print provides a simple way to enable printing for laptop and wireless users, without the overhead of installing printer drivers.

Go to the link below to access Monash Web Printing:

To read more about Web Print, click here.

PrinterOn (Mobile Apps)

The PrinterOn Mobile Apps for iOS and Android enables printing from user owned devices without the need to install printer drivers. Users can print to any PrinterOn enabled printer located in the printing area.

To use this feature, download PrinterOn apps from Apple App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android).

To read more about PrinterOn (Mobile Apps), click here.

Cloud Printing

X-Cloud (Google Drive)

The X-Cloud enables printing from user Google Drive and scanning to user's Google Drive at the MFDs printer.

To use this feature, please register for the service at

To read more about X-Cloud (Google Drive), click here.