Getting started

What to do first?

Welcome to Monash University Malaysia. New students to Monash University Malaysia are encouraged to attend the orientation before the semester commences. The information shown here is to prepare the student for the coming semester. Below are the resources available to you as a new student in Monash University Malaysia.

  • IT Account
  • Computer Lab
  • Wireless network (WIFI) in campus
  • Printing services
  • Webdrive
  • Email & collaboration
  • Microsoft Imagine Program
  • Digital Signage
  • Class timetable

Computer access during orientation week

  • For students who have registered for Monash IT Account prior to Orientation Week and would like to use the computers, log into the PC using the given Monash IT Account username and the default password provided in the Orientation Guide.
  • As for students who are registering for their Monash IT Account during the Orientation Week, computers are accessible by logging in using the generic login credentials provided during the Orientation Week briefing.

Important Note

New student is advised to complete the Monash Account Registration Service before the orientation week. The completion of this service is important for Network Account creation. Failure to complete the Monash Account Registration Service can delay your Network Account creation.

Go to the link below to complete the Monash Account Registration Service.