Monash IT Account


Monash IT Account enables access to your Monash student email and all other online resources. This IT account comprises a unique username and password. The username is derived from your full name. It is a combination of letters from your first name and surname.

For instance, if your name is Michael Frederick, your Monash IT account username could be: mfred1The username cannot be changed, whereas your password can be changed.

Your Monash IT account enables you to access the Monash website and other resources which are protected by a password including:

  • Student portal : Login to my monash to access your email and key study resources, read student news and find out what's happening on your campus
  • Web enrolment system (WES) : View and edit your enrolment details, access fee information,exam schedules, academic records (exam result) and student letters
  • Allocate+ : Enter and edit your timetable preferences
  • Moodle : Access your unit materials, participate in discussions, submit assignments and check your grades.
  • MULO : View recorded lectures online
  • Google Apps : Email, Calendar, Drive and Hangout
  • Library resources
  • Others : Access to other computer systems if required by the units you are studying
Monash Portal ( Portal (
Web Enrollment System (WES)Employee Self Service (ESS)
Timetabling (Allocate+, Class timetable)Venue, Event & Space Booking Systems
Library DatabaseStaff Directory
Student Online Forms (SORS)SAP Concur

Getting your Monash IT Account

Monash IT account will be created after you have accepted the offer and registered to start your learning in the coming semester.

To start using the account, it must be activated. The account activation can be done at Monash Account Registration Service. You will receive the course offer from Monash via email which contains Monash student id number and gets started web page as below;

  2. or
  3. (scroll up/down to “Enrolment”) or
  4. the Current Students web page:

To activate the your Monash IT Account, please refer to the information as follows;

  1. “Monash Account Registration Service” at
  2. Once the registration complete, email (#1) verification will be sent to your personal email address with subject “Verification Email for Monash University IT Account
  3. Go to the personal email account that you nominated for setting Monash IT Account password.
  4. Once the Monash IT Account successfully registered, you will receive a confirmation email (#2) with instructions for password setting with the subject “Welcome to Monash University – IT account activation
  5. If you did not receive any of the emails mentioned above, you will need to check your SPAM, JUNK or BIN folders in your personal email. If the email is still not found, please contact ITS Service Desk at 03-55146200 or email to for assistance.

Password information

To help keep your account secure, the University has implemented new requirements to strengthen the security of our passwords. These new requirements may make it harder for some people to choose a new password. To minimize frustration, we are providing you with this guide. A key change is that all password changes are now checked against a database of over 600 million breached (stolen) passwords. These are passwords that have been stolen by hackers from various services (such as LinkedIn) and made available on the Internet. If you try to set a password that is in this database, the password change will not be successful. The new requirements are:

  • Minimum length: 8 characters. It is advisable to have a password/passphrase that is more than 8 character in length.
  • Passwords: Passwords must contain at least one character from 3 out of 4 of the following categories – numbers, lower case letters, upper case letters, symbols.  Avoid using words that are found in the dictionary.
    • E.g: A1pp23le$ (acceptable)
    • E.g: AppLe$123 (not acceptable as "apple" is a word in the dictionary)
  • Passphrases: A sentence or several random words like, “ilikeswimming” You don't need to include special characters and you can include spaces in between the words. e.g. "i like swimming"

Security: The password must not have been exposed in a previous data breach. We also check variations of passwords against that list. We eliminate symbols, numbers, punctuation, and common character substitutions before checking for a breached password. For example, if you try to set a password of "P@$$w0rd", it will get converted to "password" before being checked, and that will be rejected.

Once you have set a good password, and have enrolled for multi-factor authentication, you will no longer have to change your password every 180 days.

For further information, please contact the ITS Service Desk.

Change password

Go to to change your password or alternatively go to