Device and system setup

Computer requirements

You’ll need a laptop to sit your eExam. Chromebooks, tablets and mobile phones can’t be used to sit eExams. For off-campus eExams you can also use a desktop computer, but to ensure the academic integrity of our exams, you won’t be able to use dual monitors when sitting a supervised online exam.

Your device must:

  • have recommended minimum laptop specification
  • have a webcam
  • have the latest version of Google Chrome (used in Incognito mode) with pop-ups enabled (or pop-up blocker disabled) – no other browser can be used for eExams
  • be connected to a power source for the duration of your exam.

Logging in

You can connect with or without a VPN – just choose the option that gives you the most stable internet connection.

For instructions on how to install VPN and connect using VPN with multi-factor authentication (MFA):

Webcam and headphones

For supervised eExams, you’ll need a functioning webcam and headset, or headphones with a working microphone to communicate with your online supervisor. You need to check your audio and visual settings before your exam to make sure they’re working – you won't be able to sit your supervised eExam without them.

If you’ve got an on-campus eExam without supervision, you might like to use noise cancelling headphones or earplugs to minimise distractions.


Your smartphone must be fully charged and have:

  • the Okta Verify app or Google Authenticator
  • a working camera
  • a QR code app
  • wifi enabled or data connectivity.

For instructions on setting up multi-factor authentication, see multi-factor authentication (MFA).

Photographing your exam room: recommended device specifications

Photographing your exam room: recommended device specifications If you have a supervised eExam that you’re sitting from home, we recommend that your mobile device have the following specifications to ensure you’re able to photograph your exam space as part of your pre-exam steps.

See instructions for photographing your exam space.

Mobile device specifications

Operating System Version4.1 or above
(released July 2012)
11.0 or above
(released September 2017)
Compatible browserChrome version 55+
(released December 2016)
Safari version 13+
(released September 2019)
QR code scannerInbuilt or QR code app
(ensure the scanner or app is enabled)
Inbuilt or QR code app
(ensure the scanner or app is enabled)

Chrome settings

  1. In Chrome, tap Site Settings.
  2. Adjust the following settings:
    • Cookies: allow cookies
    • Camera: enabled
    • Motion sensors: enabled
    • JavaScript: enabled.
  3. In Chrome, tap Settings and enable notifications.
  4. Ensure the cache is cleared.

Safari settings

  1. Tap Settings > Safari.
  2. Adjust the following settings:
    • Block All Cookies: off
    • Camera: allow
    • Block Pop-ups: on.
  3. Tap AdvancedJavaScript: on.