VPN Access

About VPN

Virtual Private Network (a.k.a VPN), is an encrypted connection over the Internet that provides privacy and security to Monash users (Staff or Student). This is done by partially converting the user’s internet connection to be part of Monash University Malaysia’s networks.

VPN Services

GlobalProtect VPN is offered to both Monash staff & students to access Monash University Malaysia (MUM) on-premises resources securely.

  • GlobalProtect user guide, click here.
  • GlobalProtect installation guide for BYOD, click here

Monash VPN User’s will be required to authenticate their VPN connection with their assigned Network ID and complete a 2-factor authentication (2FA) challenge to be connected to the VPN for a duration of 8 hours per session.

The services provided on these VPN connections are on a “need to access” basis and to gain access to any on-premise resource/s, User are required to submit an IT Services Requisition (ITR) which is subject to approval from respective Head of School/Departments (HOS/HOD).