Winter/Summer Units

Summer and Winter Semesters

About Summer and Winter Semesters

The summer and winter semesters give you the opportunity to complete units outside of the standard semesters.

The teaching period is usually much shorter and more intense than in a standard semester, but the total number of contact hours remains the same. For example, instead of three hours of class per week for 12 weeks, you may attend all-day classes for a week. This may vary depending on the units.

In addition, summer and winter units have different start and end dates. This means that the dates for enrollment, as well as for teaching, assessment, and academic and financial penalties, are unique to each unit.

Dates and Enrollment for Summer and Winter Semesters

You may refer to the Enrolment dates for the summer, winter, October and November webpage for more information.

The summer semester begins at the end of the year at Monash, whereas the winter semester commences mid-year. The principal dates for the summer semester are the same across all Monash campuses.

During the re-enrollment period, you are not able to enrol in units for the winter and summer semesters.

You will not be able to enrol in the Web Enrolment System (WES) if you have not completed the prerequisite requirements. If you try to enrol, you will receive an error message.

If the units are already open for enrollment and you meet the prerequisites but you are not able to enrol on WES, complete the Enrolment Amendment Form and we will help you complete your enrollment process.

The units have a limited enrollment capacity and are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Units Offerings for Undergraduate Coursework

  1. Winter Units
    • There are no units available in the Winter semester.
  2. Summer Units
    • Summer A - BEW3110 Work experience program

      Please refer to the BEW3110 - Work experience program on Monash Handbook for more information on the unit. Please double-check that you are viewing the correct year version. Furthermore, the Internship webpage at the School of Business has additional resources you may need to enrol in this unit.

      The unit outline on the Monash Handbook at the website. The website is organized into the followings sections:
      • Overview
      • Offerings
      • Rules: Pre-requisites, prohibitions and enrolment rules
      • Contacts: Chief Examiner/Academic in charge and email contact details
      • Notes
      • Learning outcomes
      • Teaching  approach
      • Assessment
      • Workload requirements

      Please contact the Chief Examiner directly if you have any questions about the unit. The contact information of the Chief Examiner can be found in the Monash Handbook. Students and those curious about BEW3110 can join this Google Chat group and ask questions directly to the CE.

      Students need to ensure they must have completed 96 credit points before enrolling in BEW3110.

Units Offerings for Postgraduate Coursework

  1. Winter Units
    • There are no units available in the Winter semester.
  2. Summer Units
    • Summer B - MGX5890 - International study program in international business

      This program aims to provide an opportunity for you to experience the diversity of contexts for doing business in Asia. The program will focus on the influence of diverse cultures, politics, institutions and local practices, and their impact on business decisions and managerial behaviour in Asia. The two-week program comprises on- and off- campus seminars and company visits in two or more Asian countries. The program will take you to meet with business and government leaders, conduct company visits and discuss business practices.

      Tuition Fee Deadline: 15 Dec 2023

Important deadlines

Summer units offered by the School of Business for the Summer period of 2023/2024

Unit title / CodesSummer / Winter SemesterUnit DeadlinesUnit DatesRequirementsCensus date*Withdrawn Late starts*Withdrawn Fail starts*Last day to discontinue units (fail grade)*
Academic and financial penalties applies

Work Experience Program

Enrol via WES

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Open to B2026 and B2027 students only.

Enrolment deadline:

28 Aug -
3 Nov 2023

4 Dec -
6 Dec 2023

Official Teaching Period:
1 Nov 2023 to 16 Feb 2024

Learning Period:
11 Dec 2023 to 16 Feb 2024

Assessment due: 
15 Feb 2024

Internship Offer Letter submission date:  8 Dec 2023**

** if there is no offer letter by the stated date, the student must withdraw from the unit.

5 Dec 2023

6 Nov 2023

4 Jan 2024

16 Feb 2024

* Subject to change