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Three alumni from the School of Arts and Social Sciences (SASS) at Monash University Malaysia, many insights emerge-graduates need to adopt new mindsets in order to help organisations become more sustainable and competitive.

Career outcomes for arts programmes may not be as immediately identifiable as in degrees in business or the sciences, the varied experiences of these Monash alumni demonstrate the arts and social sciences have much to offer if one is willing to follow an unconventional path.

Six alumni of the School of Arts and Social Sciences share how diversity, a core feature of their SASS degrees has prepared them to work in a variety of industries.


Sri Lanka alumniThe Art(s) of thinking differently in Sri Lanka
17 September 2017

Chrishandra Sebastiampillai, SASS PhD student interviewed six of the SASS alumni from Sri Lanka on how an Arts degree benefited them in their careers.


Off the Beaten Path: The Arts and Social Sciences Approach to Conquering the Working World
12 January 2017

Hannah Jambunathan undertook a journey to explore the post-university experiences of four Arts and Social Sciences alumni from Monash Malaysia.

Arming towards jobs of the future
9 December 2016 

What skills are needed for the jobs of tomorrow?

Versatile thinking: the BA graduate’s path to success
24 November 2016

Chrishandra Sebastiampillai, Monash graduate of the Bachelor of Arts (BA) tell you what she found out about the career experiences of six Monash graduates in the Arts and Social Sciences.