Nasi Bungkus Cinema

Nasi Bungkus Cinema

Nasi Bungkus Cinema (or “Packed Lunch Cinema”) began as a series of lunch-time screenings showcasing the work of Arts and Social Sciences students. Since its inception, there have been regular screenings throughout the year, with student films taking on a range of topics including subject matter closely related to units taught within the school, such as environmental concerns, issues relating to race and ethnicity, gender stereotypes, and freedom of speech. Some of the films and students have gone on to achieve great success, such as Fikri Jermadi who won the Best Short Film award at the 2009 Malaysian Film Festival, Weiyan Low, whose short film The Color of Ideas, which he made while at Monash, was screened at the Bangkok International Film Festival, Sheril Bustaman, whose Come Hell or High Water won an Audience Choice Award at the June 2014 Malaysian Shorts film screening, and Bradley Liew whose work has been shown at the Cannes Film Festival. In recent years Nasi Bungkus Cinema has expanded to include films made by local filmmakers, including works by Amir Muhamad, Woo Ming Jin, Liew Seng Tat, Dain Said, Fahmi Reza, Ida Nerina, Sharifah Amani and Khairil Bahar, who have all come to screenings to discuss their work.

Upcoming Nasi Bungkus Cinema screening

Nasi Bungkus Cinema: Fighting for My Home
Date: Tuesday, 23 October 2018 
Time: 1pm - 2pm 
Venue: Communication Lab 9508


In the highlands of Gua Musang, a group of wily Orang Asli (indigenous peoples of Malaysia) of the Temiar tribe have erected blockades to prevent logging incursions into their native customary land. Logging, deforestation and monoculture palm oil, durians and rubber trees, have taken away native forest land from the Orang Asli who depend on them for their survival and their way of life.

The forest they are protecting is in the state of Kelantan which is contiguous with the Taman Negara forest reserve known to be the oldest rainforest in the world, older than the Amazonian forest. It is a water catchment area with high biological diversity, of which many species are endemic to the area and endangered such as the Malayan Tiger, tapirs and elephants.

Intense deforestation of the Gua Musang area over the past 10 years have resulted in catastrophic floods during the monsoon seasons, notably the 2014 floods called the Bah Merah (red floods). The floods have inundated towns and villagers situated in lower lying areas right up to Kota Bahru, the seaside capital, resulting in the loss and destruction of property, businesses, vehicles and livestock. Will the Temiars be able to protect their native forests before they are all gone?

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