Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the minimum Weighted Average Mark (WAM) requirements to enrol into the School of Arts & Social Sciences?
    • (i) From a Bachelor’s degree to another (within Monash Malaysia) – WAM60
    • (ii) From DHES to a Bachelor degree – WAM50
  2. I have completed my DHES, am I automatically transferred to the Bachelor’s Degree course?
  3. No. To progress into second year degree, you are required to:
    Step 1: Fill the Internal Course Transfer form (*International students are required to get the ISP checklist and attach it to the application)
    Step 2: Print the unofficial transcript results from WES
    Step 3: Submit the documents to the respective Course Management Office of destination course by the stipulated deadline.

    2.1 For more FAQ on DHES, please refer to:

  4. When does the allocate+ preferences/re-enrolment date open and closes?

    Kindly refer to the Principal Dates for Monash University Malaysia:

  5. What are the step-by-step procedure to enrol into my units?

    Step 1: Login to WES
    Step 2: Once you’ve logged in, click on the ‘Enrolment / Re-enrolment’ link to begin
    Step 3: Read the student acknowledgement, agreement and consent carefully. Then, click ‘I Agree
    Step 4: Click on ‘Unit Enrolment
    Step 5: To add and search for the units, click on ‘To Add Units Click Here’. Repeat it until you have added all the units for the entire year. You can search by unit code then click ‘Search Now
    Step 6: Choose from the search results by ticking on the units you intend to be enrolled into and click ‘add selected unit(s) to enrolment form’. This will create a list of pending units
    Step 7: Once you have a full year of units, make sure you click the ‘SUBMIT  ENROLMENT’ button
    Step 8: Once successfully enrolled, you’ll receive e message: Submission successful with a transaction number beginning with “U”

  6. How do I discontinue a unit (within the add/drop period)?

    Step 1: Login to WES
    Step 2: Once you’ve logged in, click on the ‘Enrolment / Re-enrolment’ link to begin
    Step 3: Read the student acknowledgement, agreement and consent carefully. Then, click ‘I Agree
    Step 4: Click on ‘Unit Enrolment
    Step 5: To discontinue from the unit(s), click ‘Remove’ at the selected unit code
    Step 6: Click ‘SUBMIT ENROLMENT’ to confirm discontinuation

  7. I wish to change a unit this semester and the add/drop period has been closed. How do I change my unit after the census date?

    There will be a penalty for those who wish to enrol after the add/drop period. Kindly visit the course management office and fill in the ‘late enrolment’ form. Firstly, you are required to seek permission from the unit lecturer. If the unit lecturer approves, kindly make your payment at finance department. Thereafter, submit the form and the receipt to the course management office.

  8. How do I allocate a chosen lecture/tutorial slot in Allocate+?  

    The student is required to select a preferred lecture and/or tutorial slot via Allocate+.

    Step 1: Log-in to Allocate+ via

    Step 2: Select the preferred slot by clicking ‘Select’ (blue).

    (a)    It will then turn to Allocated (green) once it is successful.

    (b)   If the lecture and/or tutorial slots that is Full (red) or Clash (red), the student is not able to select the preferred slot.

    Step 3:  If step 2(b) applies to you, please visit the Course Management Office immediately.

    The student’s attendance shall be generated based on the slot selected.

  9. If I have already been automatically allocated to a class slot, can I change my lecture/tutorial slots?

    Yes, you may under these two circumstances:

    (i) The class CLASHES with other units

    *If an elective unit clashes with your core units, please give priority to your core subjects.

    Replace the elective with another unit that does not clash with it.

    E.g.: If the tutorial class with seats available clashes with other classes and the ones you could attend are full. Then, contact the lecturer/tutor and provide a screenshot of the timetable issue. Kindly request from the tutor via email to grant you the permission to be allocated into the class which is full and thereafter, forward the email to CMO.

    (ii) The classes are FULL and you are not able to allocate into any given time slot.

    E.g.: During Oweek/week 1, the school will work closely with the timetable system team to add seats to classes due to unexpected surge of enrolment. Please monitor it on a regular basis and allocate your tutorial slot once seats are available.

    If you face the above issues, please visit the SASS Course Management Office or email us at

  10. I live very far from the University and I have an extracurricular activity to attend, can I change my allocated class to another slot?

    No, as it will only seem possible if you experience the above circumstances (refer to question no.8).

  11. Is attendance compulsory for lectures and/or tutorials?

    The Faculty of Arts Teaching activity attendance procedures can be found at:

  12. What is the attendance requirements for International students?

    All International students are required to have at least 80% attendance records across all enrolled units and a minimum of WAM50 at all times. The International Student Attendance requirements can be found at:

  13. I was absent from class with a reason. How do I justify my absences in the attendance system?

    Kindly comment/upload in aPlus+ (during the stipulated timeline) and submit the original copy of the relevant documents to the Course Management Office (e.g.: medical certificate or flight tickets in the event of family emergency).

  14. I am an International student, how do I know if my attendance are recorded?

    Kindly check in aPlus+. Additionally, attendance can be recorded in two ways depending on the lecturer/tutor:

    (i) Attendance code - please key in the attendance code on the same day it was received

    (before 12 midnight). The code will expire beyond this period.

    (ii) Attendance sheet - please sign on the attendance sheet

    *Note: Non-recording of attendance will have an impact on your overall attendance rate  and may affect the                   Student Pass renewal approval.

  15. I am not able to access the Moodle page. Who do I contact for help?

    Kindly contact the respective lecturers/tutors of the unit.

  16. Is there any units offered during summer semester?

    The unit offered during summer semester is AMU3744. To be eligible to enrol, you must meet these requirements:

    (i) Attend the Workplace Internship Briefing conducted by the coordinator

    (ii) Have completed at least two units of 2nd year level at the time of enrolment

    (iii) Is NOT in the final semester of the course

    (iv) You are enrolled into an Arts course

  17. Are there any available units during summer or winter semester?

    (i) AMU2685 Malaysian Studies:

    (ii) AMU2690 Discovering the Asia-Pacific study trips:

  18. I am interested to apply for campus transfer (to Australia campus) application. How do I know if I am eligible for it?

    (i) For more information, you may refer to

    (ii) Email to Faculty of Arts:

  19. I would like to know more about the Exchange Program.

    Kindly refer to the FAQs:

  20. I am interested to apply for the Monash Exchange programme. Where do I get more information from?
  • International Exchange (partner university)

(i) Entry requirements and how to apply:
(ii) for more information:

  • Intercampus Exchange to Monash Australia

(i) Entry requirements and how to apply:
(ii) for more information:

  • Arts Semester in Prato

For further enquiries you may refer to you may email to or contact Ms Feny Wong at or Ms Tiong Hui Jin at