Bachelor of Arts (Honours)

KPT/JPT (R2/220/6/0018) 12/21 - MQA/SWA0106

This is a prestigious program of coursework and research in arts, humanities and social sciences for high achieving students who have completed a relevant undergraduate degree. You will undertake research methodology training and carry out an independent research project in your selected discipline, working closely with a supervisor who will provide you with individual guidance and academic counselling. The course offers a pathway to higher degree research in arts, humanities and social sciences and graduates are also eligible for up to one year credit toward a related Masters by coursework degree in the Faculty. Completing honours demonstrates your advanced research, analytical and communication skills enhancing employability outcomes.

This course comprises 48 points: Part A: Research (24 points) and Part B: Coursework (24 points) completed in one of the following honours research areas available on your campus.

  • AMU4718 - Arts honours dissertation 1 (First Semester) (12 points)
  • AMU4720 - Research issues and methodology (First Semester) (12 points)
  • AMU4719 - Arts honours dissertation 2 (Second Semester) (12 points)
  • AMU4727 -Readings in social, political and cultural theory (Second Semester) (12 points)

Faculty entry for Honours is as follows: completion of an undergraduate degree with a major (48 points or the equivalent) in the intended honours discipline; obtained a distinction average (70%) in units in the Honours discipline(s) to the value of 24 points at second and third year levels, of which at least 18 points must be at third year level.

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