Monash Exchange Opportunity

As a Monash student, an exciting opportunity awaits you to immerse yourself in a distinctive and enriching learning experience at our family campus in Monash Australia. The details on the program can be seen as follows:


Program eligibility and application process

Important notes

Global Intercampus program (GIP)

-exchange to Monash Australia campus

Please refer to this link for more information.

1.Exchange duration: Limited to one semester, specifically the final semester, with a minimum enrollment of 18 credit points and the attainment of a WAM of 60 or above.

2.Please consult your course advisor via the Ask.Mira to express your interest in participating in this program.

Course progression check

We strongly encourage you to complete a course progression check before you submit your exchange application. This involves creating a course map plan and submitting it to your School Course Advisor for review.  By doing so, you can ensure that you meet all the course requirements for graduation before embarking on your exchange journey.

Course map for exchange plan (Sample)

To ensure you fulfil the course requirements before participating in the exchange program, we've drafted a sample course map for your exchange plan. This provides an overview of how the exchange course progression looks. Feel free to view it through this link.