Extra curricular activities

SASS conducts many extra-curricular activities throughout the year as part of its strategy to reinforce the School’s educational strength. They are as follows:

SASS Seminar Series: This seminar is run regularly during the teaching semesters. Notable academics or activists are invited to speak on matters related to Malaysian and Southeast Asian societies, cultures and politics. Students are exposed to high-profile speakers and learn first hand the issues and concerns surrounding the region in a dynamic and critical educational setting. 

Annual NGO Fair: This event provides students with opportunities to seek internships and explore career opportunities with Malaysian and regional NGOs. A subject devoted to placement has been introduced to create a direct educational link to this event, which has become an important part of the Campus Community Engagement Fair. 

Study Trips: Study trips within and outside of Malaysia provide student-travellers the opportunities:-

1) to learn about the diverse and complex socio-cultural and political realities affecting the places visited.

2) to hone their observational, interviewing, documentation, and organisational skills.

Through these encounters, student travellers learn to interrogate knowledge gathered in classroom settings with those unfolding in the "real world".

The student-traveller's tales are documented at: https://insearchofsabah.wordpress.com/

Nasi Bungkus Cinema (“Packed Lunch Cinema"): These regular screenings of films made by students and local independent filmmakers supplement the film studies subjects taught in SASS. As many of the films deal with issues of disadvantaged groups, civil actions, and human rights, they provide students with the unique opportunity to think about and critique the role of film in society, and the power of the visual to motivate social and political awareness.

Filmmaker-in-Residence: The aim of this program is to provide space and resources to a filmmaker to assist him or her in developing his or her films. In addition, the Filmmaker-in-Residence mentors students, teaching them about key filmmaking techniques as well as the ethical issues relating to these. The school is particularly interested in filmmakers whose work is concerned with human rights and disadvantaged communities.