The Postgraduate Room is located at Building 2, Level 6, Room no. 48 (2-6-48) on the Malaysia campus. There are a number of shared workstations available for Monash University Malaysia campus (MUMC) students undertaking postgraduate (Doctoral and Master by research) and honours studies within the School of Arts & Social Sciences (SASS).


The Postgraduate Room is equipped with a range of services. This Postgraduate Room offers the following facilities :

i)24-hour, seven-day-per-week access;           
ii)Workstations (inclusive of desk, chair, 2 lockable hanging cabinets and lockable pedestal);
iii)Personal computer (desktop);
iv)Shared network printer, scanner and photocopier;
v)Shared well-equipped pantry;
vi)Shared telephone (for internal calls only).


The School Office (SO), SASS is responsible for workstation allocations. If applications exceed workstations availability it will be left to the discretion of the SO to allocate any available workstation.


4.1 Eligibility

Students eligible to apply for workstation are those who:

i)are enrolled on a full-time basis as MUMC SASS postgraduate students (Doctoral and Masters by research);
ii)are enrolled on a full-time basis as MUMC SASS honours students.

4.2 Priority

The following factors are taken into consideration in the decision to allocate workstations:

i)The student’s stage of candidature (i.e. those in the final stages of their candidature may be given priority in some circumstances);
ii)Frequency of use - students who anticipate using a workstation more regularly are given precedence;
iii)A student’s need for space (i.e. unsuitable work space available to a student elsewhere);
iv)A student’s satisfactory progress on their thesis.

A student’s satisfactory progress on their thesis.


5.1 Terms of Allocation

A workstation will be available to the student until the submission of their thesis.

Current Monash University policy states that once a student submits their thesis for examination, they are no longer an enrolled student of the University. Therefore, students who have submitted their thesis for examination, students whose candidature has lapsed, students who have been appointed as a Junior Honorary Research Associate and persons in receipt of a Postgraduate Publication Award shall not be automatically eligible for a workstation, as they are not considered to be currently enrolled Monash University research postgraduate and honours students. The conditions whereby such students may continue using the Postgraduate Room's facilities are outlined in Section 7 of this document.

5.2 Absences

When a student intermits or undertakes study away from the university for more than 28 days, the student must vacate the workstation and reapply for it on their return. The same application procedures apply.

5.3 Conditions of Occupancy

The following conditions of occupancy apply to all workstation occupants:

i)The keys are property of MUMC and are loaned to the occupants;
ii)In the event that the keys are lost or stolen, the occupants agree to pay the charge of RM3.00 each for replacement;
iii)In the event that the keys are lost or stolen, the occupants will immediately notify the Security Office(SO) if the keys are lost during weekends or after regular office hours;
iv)In view of the demand for workstations within the room, workstation occupants are expected to make full and proper use of the facilities available to them.  If it is brought to the attention of the SO that the workstation is not being utilised, then the occupant may be asked to vacate;
v)Workstation occupants are responsible for informing the SO when they no longer require use of their allocated workstation or when they are away/on intermission for longer than 28 days;
vi)A workstation occupant may be asked to vacate if the SO considers that the occupant does not have sufficient reasons for remaining in the workstation or behaves in such a way deemed as distracting and/or offensive to other room users;
vii)No workstation occupant may allow any other student not allocated a place in the Postgraduate Room to use the facilities in the room or the pantry. Any student found doing so may be asked to leave.


All workstation occupants are required to vacate workstations at a predetermined date and will be reminded of this 21 days in advance. The workstation occupant must make arrangements with the Executive Secretary for handing over the workstation keys upon vacating.

If the occupant submits their thesis for examination, undergoes a lapse or withdrawal from candidature or transfers from full-time to part-time status prior to the end date of their workstation allocation, they will be required to vacate the workstation within seven days and return their keys to the Executive Secretary.


All office occupants have the right to appeal any decision made by the SO. Appeals must be made in writing to the SO within seven days of notification of the decision.

Requests for Special Consideration can be made to the SO, with decisions made in consultation with the students' supervisor and other relevant parties. If a request is for an extension of the usage of a workstation beyond the normal time restrictions, this should be made before the expiry of a student's allocated time in using the workstation.


In order to be considered for a workstation in the Postgraduate Room, students must complete the Postgraduate Room Workstation - Registration form.
The completed form must be submitted to the Executive Secretary at Building 2, Level 6, Room no. 09 (2-6-09).
After receiving the completed form, the Executive Secretary will process and afterwards allocate an appropriate workstation and keys to the student.


If you require any further information, please contact:
Ms Eswary Sivalingam
Research and Development Manager
Building 2, Level 6, Room no. 2-6-06A
Telephone : (+603) - 5515 9632 
Facsimile : (+603) - 5514 6365