Master of Communications and Media Studies

KPT/JPT (R/321/7/0015) 03/21 - MQA/SWA0177

In an increasingly globalized world, the skillful management and understanding of communications processes has tremendous practical application both in the workplace and beyond. The Master of Communications and Media Studies at SASS produces graduates who are experts in cultural research. The degree offers you the valuable opportunity to develop the balance of strong qualifications and work experience needed to stand out and excel in specialized, competitive job markets.

The MCMS is specifically crafted to cater to the needs of working professionals, especially those in the media and communications industries. A key strength of the program is the flexibility and support it provides working students. Running in both full-time and part-time options, the course allows you to pick up a postgraduate qualification without compromising on career progression or work experience. In dialogue with your accomplished peers and lecturers, you will be encouraged to actively reflect and draw on your own work experiences to inform classroom discussions, and will also strengthen your professional network.

Enrolling in the MCMS degree helps you develop an in-depth, nuanced understanding of the changing global contexts of media and communication practices, and guides you through key issues affecting the communications industry today. The programme trains you in research methods and theories, as well as explore the challenges that digital technologies, geopolitics, and cross-cultural interactions pose in the Asian region. You may also choose to put your classroom learning into practice through an internship as an elective. In the final semester, you can choose to work on an industry research project. Alternatively, you can choose to write a dissertation, which represents an opportunity to pursue research that contributes significantly to your chosen field of study and can potentially lead to future doctoral research.

The MCMS course also engages closely with SASS’ research strength of studying social transformations in Southeast Asia, which feeds into the classroom through innovative research-led teaching. Coupled with a firm theoretical foundation, the blending of educational and professional formats makes the MCMS uniquely suited to help you develop leadership skills that will help you take the next step career-wise. The degree leaves you with the advanced strategic and analytical skills and sophisticated communication practices needed to thrive at management level.

If you are a media or communications professional considering the degree program, you have probably already accumulated considerable technical expertise in your field. The MCMS offers you the opportunity to finely hone the critical thinking and collaborative skills that are indispensable to success in the industry, and broadens your understanding of cultural contexts. The specialized training you receive over the course of the degree will leave you well placed to lead in diverse fields spanning marketing, media content, management strategy, PR, editing, and business development. The career-focused program uniquely blends an internationally recognized curriculum, collaborative learning from leading experts, independent research, and cutting-edge cultural insight in order to help you advance both personally and professionally.

Laura Ireen Liew

Master of Communications and Media Studies (2016)

"Most of the units in the MCMS course required major presentations, and projects that had these as assessments helped me build public speaking confidence. Something as simple as presentation assessments also helped with working in teams and managing people, which is essential in my day-to-day work."

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