Global studies

In Global studies, you will learn about the complex overlap of local, regional and international forces that shape the world as we know it. This major exposes you to a wide range of international issues and challenges, covering everything from policymaking to identity politics, economic governance, migration conflict, and civil society activism. You will learn to confront the issues of the 20th and 21st centuries from a diverse range of perspectives, gaining a deep understanding of the ideas, events, and processes that underpin global change.

The major begins with introductory units that provide you a firm foundation in world history and the dynamics of globalization. In second year, units open up to explore international migration, social transformation movements, and the workings of the global economy. You will go on to pursue the in-depth study of international relations and foreign policy, and have the opportunity to apply this knowledge towards resolving a simulated global crisis. Graduates will be well equipped to analyze and consult on a range of complex international affairs, monitor and contextualize global news coverage, and grasp the interests, structures, and consequences that shape key international events.

Unit highlights:

A world in crisis: Multilevel responses to global emergencies

Unique to the Malaysian campus, this innovative unit offers you the opportunity to develop the skills required to handle a realistic, evolving international crisis. You will stand in the shoes of key stakeholders, approaching crucial global issues in a strategic, goal-oriented manner. The unit is highly collaborative, with a hands-on approach to teaching problem-solving and management skills, and brings together other areas of study like communications and writing. As the course progresses, you will learn to craft press releases, sit at the negotiating table, and stay abreast of current affairs. In doing so, you develop highly sought-after PR and media literacy skills, learn to thrive in tight-knit team environments, and form nuanced perspectives on intricate global issues.

Saima Islam

Bachelor of Arts (Global) (2018)

"The prospect of Global studies students are not limited to any particular field but rather expands to a range of non-governmental organisations, diplomacy, foreign affairs, politics, education or even research based work."

Global studies prepares you for a potential career in:

Dynamic organizations ranging from governments to international bodies and NGOs; roles in diplomacy and foreign affairs to journalism, education, and other research-based work.