The Writing minor offers you in-depth instruction in the craft of writing. You will be exposed to a range of different writing structures and techniques, and have the opportunity to produce original pieces of work that accumulate to form a dynamic personal portfolio. Through engagement with both local and international literature, the minor also trains you in close reading. You will become well-versed in the processes of editing and reviewing, and develop a familiarity with the local publishing industry. As a skills-based course, the Writing minor complements the other fields of study currently on offer, and allows you to enhance workplace-related writing skills such as promotional copywriting, lifestyle writing, and reviewing.

The minor begins with gateway units in creative writing and general writing techniques. In these, you will master the basics of different styles and genres of writing, attend workshops, and begin to produce original work. You will go on to learn how to bend the rules of form and genre, expressing themselves more experimentally. In the final year unit, you will have the opportunity to interact with professional writers and publishers, and be guided through the process of combining your writing samples into a comprehensive body of work. Graduates can expect to have a diverse portfolio of original work to present to prospective employers, possess a wide range of workplace-ready writing skills, and have the ability to communicate clearly and persuasively.

Unit highlights:

Writing Portfolio

This capstone unit consolidates your work over the course of the minor, teaching you how to compile, edit, and review pieces of writing. In addition to writing creatively, you will learn a range of writing genres that are relevant to the workplace, such as reviews, argumentative reports, and speeches. Through a series of dynamic guest lectures, you will be familiarized with the local publishing industry, and learn the practical experiences and practices of professional writers. You will also be presented with the exciting opportunity to participate in the Commonwealth Young Writer’s Prize, or to try your hand at producing a documentary storyboard. The unit culminates in the collation of a diverse personal portfolio, which can supplement future job applications.

Chin Yi Tong

Bachelor of Communication (2017)

"In today’s world where most large multinational companies have their own media offices, there is now a demand for skilled and sensitive writers."

Writing prepares you for a potential career in:

A wide range of industries, including copywriting, journalism, advertising, consulting, PR and strategy, communications and event management, research, reviewing, and editing.