Acushla Wijesinha

Briefly share your internship experience.

I commenced my internship in Sri Lanka in December 2017 at Associated Newspapers of Ceylon Limited (Lakehouse), operating in the Features Department of the Daily News. As a Communications and Gender double major, I believed that this placement would be most beneficial as it immersed me in the world of print media and enabled me to understand the functioning of a semi-government owned company. My tasks involved writing features for the Daily News on a variety of different topics. Each of these involved either interviews or intense research prior to each article that developed my communication and research skills.

How has your course at the School of Arts and Social Sciences helped you at workplace during your internship?

My course enabled me to recognize and understand the activities in my workplace and note various media and gender studies theories via which the workplace could be viewed. The assignment tasks given to me for the Internship Unit AMU3744, while challenging, encouraged me to delve deeper into my work in order to meet the requirements of each assignment and thus understand the functions of my workplace and their place in the greater scheme of things.

Based on your internship experience, how has the course you have studied informed or affirmed your future career?

It has enabled me to understand what working in such environments entail and has confirmed that I would be happiest in a field where my writing or speaking actually makes a difference. While I haven’t completely decided on where I hope to commence my career it has enabled me to identify the field I wish to pursue.