Student Testimonials - AMU3744 Workplace Learning Internship

The internship provides students with the opportunity to integrate theory with practice, and to gain first-hand experience in working in the area of specialty in which they want to pursue after graduation. The work placement is aimed at consolidating and extending what they have learnt from core units and other Degree units, through experiential learning either in Malaysia or overseas. The unit develops their understanding of the application of academically obtained knowledge and skills in a workplace environment, and facilitates their acquisition of work-based networks for potential employment opportunities.

Meet our internship students

Chelsea Justalianus Lim
Bachelor of Arts and Social Sciences (2018)
Interned at MalaysiaKini

“For the past 3 years, I have done three internships with three different sectors of the media industry. I was in broadcasting, advertising and journalism. I have always been in limbo in deciding which industry I want to end up in after graduating. It was not until Malaysiakini that I truly enjoyed what I did during my internship period and that I had a better picture of what I want to pursue when I finish my degree which will be soon!”

Benjamin Loi Zhi Min
Bachelor of Arts and Social Sciences (2018)
Interned at Influasia

“Grateful for my time here at WOB, my time here sees me developing qualities which I did not expect when I first entered the company. The three qualities instilled in me during the internship experience were: knowledge on how content creation works, analysing how different algorithm works on different platforms, and basic protocols in video production. With WOB being my first digital media job experience, my daily tasks in creating content taught me how to persevere and pull through during ‘dry’ seasons”.

Stephanie Mystica Yauri
Bachelor of Communication and Media Studies (2017)
Interned at Klook, Malaysia

“Despite the challenges that I faced during my internship experience, I am beyond thankful for the courses that I have undertaken at ​Monash University's School of Arts and Social Sciences, as it has significantly helped me on many aspects in the workplace. AMU3744 has allowed me to practice the theoretical concepts that I have gained from my preceding years in the university into the complexity of the real working world.”

Fizzah Raiz
Bachelor of Communication and Media Studies (2017)
Interned at Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP)

“Having been fortunate to spend two months in HRCP and getting a deeper insight into how the sphere of activism works, my internship experience instilled in me three extremely valuable qualities: taking constructive criticism, taking constructive criticism, strengthening leadership and increasing greater confidence.”

Ryan Seow
Bachelor of Arts and Social Sciences (2016)
Interned at Edelman Malaysia

“I am able to relate communications theories such as the use of framing methods in the drafting of press releases and social media posts to deliver carefully crafted announcements to the public that generates engagement with the client company.”

Doyu Kim
Bachelor of Arts and Social Sciences (2016)
Interned at Women’s Aid Organisation

“During my internship period, I was able to witness the real and practical issues regarding women’s rights and health and I was honoured to support women in crisis by assisting social workers and through telephone counselling. It was an invaluable and irreplaceable experience that made me realise the importance of advocacy and services in promoting equal rights to women’s self-determination and control of their lives.”

Bachelor of Arts and Social Sciences (2015)
Interned at Text 100, Malaysia 

“The internship program under this course has been helpful on top of my studies, as it supplements the knowledge and understanding that I have about the industry that I am working in. In this case, I get to have a hands-on experience on how the working life would be.”

Acushla Wijesinha
Bachelor of Arts and Social Sciences (2015) 
Interned at Associated Newspapers of Ceylon Limited (Lakehouse) in Sri Lanka

“As a Communications and Gender double major, I believed that this placement would be most beneficial as it immersed me in the world of print media and enabled me to understand the functioning of a semi-government owned company.”

Kan Wai Min
Bachelor of Arts (Global) (2014)
Interned at Centre for Creative Initiatives in Health and Population (CCIHP) in Hanoi

“Throughout my internship, as I was more involved in writing and editing papers than before, I think I realised the value and importance of academic research. Besides that, I also became more aware of my privilege - the privilege of a quality education at Monash and the privilege of doing an internship in another country, which I am so thankful for.”