Briefly share your internship experience.

I had my internship in Text 100 Malaysia, a global marketing communications agency that is based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. As a Public Relation intern, I was tasked to support the consultants in the implementation of both traditional and social media, i.e. doing reports and media calls, and to serve as a competent contact for all front of house queries. Other than that, my daily tasks will be ad-hoc and determined on the day itself.

How has your course at the School of Arts and Social Sciences helped you at workplace during your internship?

The robust and abstract concepts that I need to digest in the course has helped me to develop an analytical and problem-solving skill, which is an asset to possess in the workplace. The rigorous assignment scheme, together with the extensive reading materials that I need to finish in my course also helped me to have a broader outlook, and to be resilient in undertaking whichever tasks that are given to me during my internship. All in all, it has prepared me to be a versatile employee.

Based on your internship experience, how has the course you have studied informed or affirmed your future career?

The internship program under this course has been helpful on top of my studies, as it supplements the knowledge and understanding that I have about the industry that I am working in. In this case, I get to have a hands-on experience on how the working life would be. I noticed that the course has equipped me with various of soft skills, that is applicable to numerous industries. In this case, I am grateful of the breadth of the course, as I have more working fields to explore in order for me to truly discover my passion and callings, as long as it is under the broad disciplines of Global Studies and Communications – in which I am majoring in.