Doyu Kim

Briefly share your internship experience.

Women’s Aid Organisation (WAO) was my chosen host organisation to carry out my first internship experience. During my internship period, I was able to witness the real and practical issues regarding women’s rights and health and I was honoured to support women in crisis by assisting social workers and through telephone counselling. It was an invaluable and irreplaceable experience that made me realise the importance of advocacy and services in promoting equal rights to women’s self-determination and control of their lives.

How has your course at the School of Arts and Social Sciences helped you at workplace during your internship?

Throughout the internship, I was required to perform and complete multiple assessments that eventually helped to review my own internship and the host organisation. This helped to a great extent to attain skills of reflexivity and critical and analytical thinking skills. Assessments also guided me to evaluate the gap between academic knowledge I learned in class and practical issues in the field.

Based on your internship experience, how has the course you have studied informed or affirmed your future career?

As an intern and feminist, I was confronted with challenges integrating with realistic limitations and power when dealing with domestic violence cases. Though, I was inspired to be strive against gender inequality and to encourage such movement and change for equality and justice. My internship experience contributed to more reasons to be a global feminist who continues to fight for rights.