Dr. Khong Yin Jou

Assistant Lecturer
School of Engineering


Personal statement

Mr. Khong Yin Jou completed his Master of Engineering with first class honours as top 3 in the class in 2015 from the University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus, with his final year project involving investigation and design of charge controller of battery and supercapacitor arrays in a solar photovoltaic cabin. He was recruited by Intel Microelectronics as a graduate trainee in SoC design of PCH in 2015 and worked there for a year before being accepted by the University of Cambridge for a PhD in engineering in 2016. He successfully completed his PhD in 2021 with a thesis titled "Bipolar metal oxide thin film diodes", being a Commonwealth scholar fully funded by the UK government. He accrued valuable experience in undergraduate teaching by demonstrating in various undergraduate engineering laboratories throughout his time in working towards his PhD degree. Besides, he has personally guided and trained final year undergraduate students to perform experiments for their final year projects in the clean room and measurement laboratories. He has been active in the academia as various committee positions of several Malaysian- and ASEAN-focused research conferences based in Malaysian and the UK in 2018-2020.  He has also taken part in a voluntary STEM communication and exposure project for the pre-university students, called the Science Seekers program, jointly organised by 100 Scientists of Malaysia and Immersion Experience for Malaysian Youths (IMEX) as a content creator for the engineering discipline. He is currently the Chief Technology Officer of Intograd, a non-profit start-up to improve accessibility to postgraduate study through tailored mentorships and quality resources. He first joined Monash University as a sessional staff towards completion of his PhD in early 2021, having been assisting in ENG1002 Engineering design: Cleaner, safer, smarter, and ECE3141 Information and Networks. In mid-2021, he signed for Monash University as an assistant lecturer in the Electrical & Computer Systems Engineering (ECSE) discipline, School of Engineering. He is currently the unit coordinator for ENG1002 Engineering design: Cleaner, safer, smarter and ECE4132 Control Systems Design.

Academic degrees

  • Doctor of Philosophy in Engineering, University of Cambridge, 2021
  • Master in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus, 2015

Professional affiliations

Member of National Professional Bodies

  • Board of Engineers Malaysia, Member

Member of International Professional Bodies

  • N/A

Research Interests

Yin Jou's Ph.D. research focused on utilizing metal oxide thin films to fabricate bipolar devices such as p-n diodes and characterizing them. His previous research has culminated in a journal paper published in a Q1 journal Advanced Materials Interfaces. He is currently planning to utilize his experience in electronic devices and materials to investigate the effects of different materials and structures used to manufacture various solid-state lightings such as the light-emitting diodes (LEDs) on the output light spectrum and the response from human bodies.


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Local grants

  • Ultra-sensitive Acoustic Wave Coupled Resonators Sensors: Fabrication and Packaging, Dr. Narayanan Ramakrishnan, Prof. Chai Siang Piao, A/Prof. Tan Chee Pin, Dr. Ajay Achath Mohanan, Dr. Tridib Saha, 2018 - 2020, Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia, RM 63132.08
  • Miniaturized Acoustic Wave Devices as Multifunction Sensors for Smartphone and Wearable Applications, Dr. Narayanan Ramakrishnan, Dr. Ajay Achath Mohanan, Dr. Tridib Saha, 2018-2019, MEMScom Technology Sdn. Bhd., Malaysia
  • Investigation into Piezo-photoelectric Coupling in ZnO Nanostructures Attached to Acoustic Wave Resonators: Towards Devising Room-temperature Organic Vapour Sensors, Dr. Tridib Saha, 2018-2019, Monash University Malaysia School of Engineering Seed Grant, RM29,500

International grants

  • Al Alloy electrode QCM for Wearable Sensor Applications: Specifically, for UV Sensing, Dr. Narayanan Ramakrishnan, Dr. Ajay Achath Mohanan, Dr. Tridib Saha, 2018-2019, Piezoparts Co. Ltd., Japan

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International Award/Recognition/Exhibition/Stewardship

  • Outstanding reviewer-Sensors & Actuators: A. Physical - Elsevier, 2017
  • 3 Minute Thesis Competition - Monash University, 2014