Engineering Hosts CUBE Training

CUBE Training Monash UniversityFrom April 6th to April 10th 2015, Monash University Malaysia in collaboration with CITILABS conducted a workshop on training CUBE Base and CUBE Dynasim software at Civil Engineering Computer Lab. These trainings were attended by transport and traffic practitioners from seven different Asian countries.

During CUBE Base training, participants learned the four classic steps of transport modelling and engaged in hands-on experiences for strategic transport planning and modelling using CUBE Base software.

CUBE Dynasim training provided introduction to enormous process of micro level traffic modelling including roundabout, traffic signal, and pedestrian modelling and also parking management. Given CUBE Dynasim 3D functionality, participants were also able to develop 3D traffic modelling.  

Dr Susilawati, academic staff of Civil Engineering Discipline and the organizer of this workshop highlighted that the training has received much positive feedback from participants. Moreover, she mentioned that discipline is looking forward to develop a strong relationship between Monash University Malaysia, CITILABS, and transport and traffic practitioners from Asian countries which will hopefully extend this opportunity to organize a more engaging transport conference in the near future.