Engineering and IT Celebrates the Festival of Lights

School of Engineering and School of IT staff had a joint-celebration of Deepavali, one of the most colourful, sacred and loveliest festivals of the Hindus. The event had encouraging participation from staff from various cultural background and ethnicity.

"Deepavali is celebrated every year with great joy and enthusiasm throughout the length and breadth of the world. The festival spiritually signifies the victory of light over darkness, knowledge over ignorance , good over evil, and hope over despair," explains Dr Ramakrishnan Narayanan during his opening speech as the host of this event.

The festival preparations and rituals typically extend over several days, but the main festival night of Deepavali coincides with the darkest, new moon phase of the Hindu lunisolar month of Kartika.

To some communities, it marks the celebrated return of Lord Rama to Ayodhya after fourteen years in forest exile.

As a festival of light and festivities, it always lends charm and delight to all whom celebrates it.

The opening ceremony was officiated by Professor Anthony Guo, Head of School by lighting of the enchanting oil lamps followed by a garland ceremony, which is typically honored on respected leaders.

The event was made even more vibrant by a classical Odissi dance, performed by an Engineering student, Ms Agarwal Pankuri. All guest were then ushered to get their taste buds intrigued by a feast of Indian foods and delicacies.