Why Engineering?

Engineers are creative and imaginative, yet analytical and technical – with an excellent sense of judgement. As an engineer you will apply science and mathematics in a practical way to develop new technologies and improve existing ones.

Engineers solve problems, figure out how things work and create solutions. Engineers work on many different projects and find themselves in a variety of environments.

Engineers are key to the development of society and solving the challenges the world currently faces such as climate change, natural resource depletion, food shortages and increased demands on energy.

Is engineering for me?

A career in engineering will suit you if you:

  • are curious about how things work
  • like and are good at maths and science
  • enjoy challenges
  • are goal oriented
  • like working with lots of different people, in multidisciplinary teams
  • like analysing and solving problems
  • have an interest in improving the quality of human life